Have: jade photos, jessenia photos, dracaena, star sansivieria, aloe vera, anthurium and the hanging plant in my profile pic

i’m looking for any type of plant but succulents. my instagram is batman250705. if you are interested and want photos of any of my plants dm me.

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Hi! Do you Jessenia?

Hi Mirka! Are you looking to swap anything? :grin:

Hi! Is there something you want :grinning:

I’m looking to expand my plant collection leaning toward anthuriums, philodendrons and monsteras but I am open to any plant!

These are the plant cuttings I can offer:

  • Neon pothos
  • Golden pothos
  • Black princess philodendron
  • Watermelon peperomia
  • pancake plant ( full plant or stekje)
  • a few begonias
    *Krimson queen hoya
  • Hoya carnosa ‘krinkle’
  • Variegated sanseveria
  • Micans pothos