HAVE Hoya Sherpherdii, Hoya Curtisii WANT Pink Princess Philodendron or any various Philodendron types


2 rooted stems to trade of either Sherpherdii or Curtisii, if more than one type of rooted Philodendrons are available I will send each variety of Hoya in exchange.
ie., 2 hoya = 2 philodendron
1 hoya = 1 philodendron

Can only ship on Saturday mornings due to busy work schedule. Will notify with tracking number when shipped.

Thanks! :hugs:


I have some rootedphilodendron Brazil to offer, if you’d accept that for a curtisii cutting?!


Thanks for the offer,…I’m primarily hoping to get Micans, Pink Princess, Melanochrysum or any other big leaf velvet textured Philodendron. I have a few Pothos, so the Brazil I’ll have to pass on.


Hey I have a philodendron Ginny or pedatum I’d you would accept that for a cutting of Hoya curtisii?


Hi :smile:

I would love to do a trade with you.
However, I have one request, we will have to use UPS or FedEx. The reason is I purchased a plant prior to Thanksgiving that has been in transit in Brooklyn (where I live) since November 20 and it still has not arrived. I visited my local Post Office to speak to a manager because the 1-800 number kept me on hold forever, he said they recently made changes to their system where all parcels are received at a main hub where they are sorted and dispersed to the local branches. Well, the hub is overloaded. He said there’s no way of knowing when my package will arrive. I have however received FedEx packages in a timely manner. If you are able to ship via FedEx or UPS that could better guarantee that my plant will arrive ALIVE. Regular postal I know I won’t receive it until 2019.

I love both Philodendron Ginny and Pedatum. I think Ginny is tugging at my heart a little more, but having trouble deciding. :blush:

Here is my address:

A. Kinsey
Lincoln Postal
463 Lincoln Place #936
Brooklyn, NY 11238

I will ship a generous rooted piece of Curtisii via FedEx at my local Kinkos, the sooner I have your address the better. I teach during the week, sending packages is easier on weekends. Perhaps I can ship today if I get your address before too late.

Thanks so much! Happy Holidays