Have: hoya kerri, various calathea, stromanthe

I have full hoya kerri plants, calathea white fusion, stromanthe, pilea of various sizes, a few small monstera adansonii cuttings (with roots), and dozens of other plants/cuttings that I’d love to trade for any of the following:

Whale fin
Pink princess philodendron
String of nickles
Sansevieria zeylanica (and other similar snake plants)
Pinstripe calathea

My IG is @handsinmyplants; send me a DM with photos of what you’d like to trade :slight_smile:

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I messaged you on IG @handsinmyplants

@handsinmyplants. Messaged you yesterday in case it gets lost in the shuffle :slight_smile: I’m lowkeyplantlady :slight_smile: