Have Hoya gracilis

Have hoya gracilis cuttings available. Not looking for succulents or cacti ( interested in Rhapsilis though) but will be open to offers :blush:

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I have rhipsalis baccifera if that’s of any interest?

Hey, sorry for the late reply. I already have that plant but thank you :blush:

Hello! I have Hoya Australis Lisa, rhipsalis pachyptera, variegated string of hearts, a bunch of peperomias and a whole bunch more… Let me know if you’re interested in swaps! :slight_smile:


I would be very interested in the Rhapsilis and the Hoya. I can also provide some cuttings of Rhapsilis Paradoxa too if you would like?

I’d love a Rhipsalis Paradoxa too. Would you like me to send you pictures of my plants? I don’t have any rooted cuttings at the moment but the rhipsalis roots in no time and I’ve never had problem with rooting the hoya either. I also have a plain green hoya australis if you’d like a cutting. By the way I just had a quick look at your post history and I saw that you were looking for a ludisia discolor? Mine has a bunch of rooted offshoots I can separate if you’d like one :slight_smile:

Hey, you have so much I’m interested in :see_no_evil:, I would love photos :blush:… I can do a bundle if you would like. The Hoya is rooted (image below. Paradoxa isn’t rooted but there are aerial roots that are perfect. image image

I can also take a cutting from my Hoya crinkle 8, Hoya linearis and Hoya polyneura too :blush:

I am interested in Hoyas, Rhapsilis and philodendrons if that helps ha ha

These are the others that I would be happy to swap …

image image image

I’d definitely be interested in polyneura and krinkle 8! They’ve been on my list for a while now. Is the last picture a begonia? I’ve just started on my begonia propagating journey recently and I love it haha! I’ll send all the pictures of the plants I can take cuttings from later on today :slight_smile: Are you interested in calatheas or aroids?

Ha ha, yeah it’s a Begonia :blush: I am interested in aroids too. Super excited!!

I love aroids, calatheas not so much as they really don’t like my well lit house.

I will start to gather all of the cuttings this evening for you :blush:

Really sorry about the delay, had the worst headache, I’ll get the photos sent as soon as i can!

Hey, don’t worry to much as it will be best to send them Monday :blush:

There’s the pictures of plants I can take cuttings from!

Australis Lisa


Peperomia Rosso

Peperomia watermelon

Rhipsalis pachyptera

Ctenanthes (way less fussy than calatheas!)

Baby standard monstera (it’s growing a bit full in the pot so will need to seperate it out soon…)

Dieffenbachia and calathea mussaica

Ludisia discolor

Let me know if there’s stuff here you like!

Hey, I would be interested in these. What would you like in return?

Rhipsalis pachyptera
Australis Lisa

I’m happy so send you all of these :slight_smile: I’d love a piece of the rhipsalis paradoxa and Hoyas gracilis, polyneura and krinkle 8 - happy with fresh cuttings, as long as they’ve got enough stem on them to root :slight_smile: And maybe a wee begonia leaf if you wouldn’t mind? Would that be a fair swap? Really looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Hey, that sounds brilliant. I have taken quite large cuttings of the Hoyas and the gracalis is already rooted :blush:image

I will take photos later today for you :blush:

Also could you send me your address please and name?