Have: Hoya carnosa and Brazilian philodendron

I’m new to the plant life so I only have 2 plants ready to take cuttings from but I’m dying for string of pearls, string of hearts, Chinese money plant, and philodendron obliqua. Please and thank you to anyone who reaches out!

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Hi! Is this a Chinese money plant? Mine has beautiful variegation. I’d love to trade some cuttings for a Hoya cutting.

That isn’t what I’m looking for though once I get a few cuttings going and growing roots I might still be able to send you one just give me some time.

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Thanks for the update! I’ve seen a few plants listed as Chinese money plants. Good luck with your search !

Hi! I have a Monstera adansonii I can get a cutting from. Interested in the hoya and Philo if you want to swap! I have a few more to trade of you are interested!

I’m definitely interested can you message me on Instagram? @MargaretsBones

I just shot you a message!