HAVE: hoya, begonia, mikania, strawberry begonia

:cactus::herb::green_heart: I’m located in Moncton, NB :green_heart::herb::cactus:

Cuttings available for swap:
Hoya compacta (non variegated)
Hoya bilobata
Hoya carnosa
Hoya ‘Chelsea’
Hoya carnosa ‘tricolour’ (not sure exact type - white slender leaves with green margins, red stems)
Hoya carnosa ’variegata’ (not sure exact type - larger leaves w/random splotches of white variegation, red stems)
Begonia ‘Lucerna’
Pothos ‘N Joy
Pothos ‘jade’
Philodendron ‘lime’
Philodendron ‘brasil’

Plants available for swap:
Mikania ternata (plush vine c/w hanging planter)
Strawberry begonia (c/w hanging planter)

Plants / Cuttings / Divisions I would love to find:
Philodendron micans
Philodendron melanochrysum
Philodendron brandiantum
Philodendron ‘pink princess’
Philodendron ‘white knight’
Monstera karstenianum
Monstera deliciosa variegated (white or yellow)
Sansevieria kirkii
Sansevieria kirkii ‘coppertone’
Euphorbia ‘ammak’
Hoya obovata - variegated (white, yellow, splash)
Hoya obovata - green
Hoya kerrii- variegated (yellow, splash)
Hoya kerrii - green
Hoya australis ‘lisa’
Hoya ‘mathilde’
Hoya ‘endauensis’
Hoya ‘eskimo’
Zamioculcas zamiiofolia ‘raven’
Zamioculcas zamiiofolia ‘variegata’


Are you able to swap in the US?

I am intersted in your Hoya Kerii!!

Hi there!

I have philodendron mican’s cuttings if you would be interested in shaping for a Hoya compacta cutting?

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Hey! I’m in saint john NB if you’re interested in a swap some times. I’m not sure I have any of your listed plants atm sadly.