Have Hoya and Arrowhead plant, looking for any rare interesting houseplant

Hi everyone, my mum has a huge hoya at home and managed to save many cuttings. they grow super well, I have two current adult planted and they keep growing!

I have different size cuttings which I will be happy to trade. they have plenty and huge leaves as you can see the photos. two are short ones fairly small but with more than three leaves each and rooted, and a large vine from which a lot of leaves are coming out. See photos

Also, I have two cuttings from Arrowhead plant. One is huge with plenty of leaves and roots, and a smaller one but also rooted so ready to be planted!

Happy to change for anything really, although have quite a few plants at home so rare ones will be appreciated.

Thank you!

I have philodendron Micans cutting (unrooted)
Hoye Rebecca cutting (unrooted)
Monstera adensonii (very well rooted)
Philodendron red emerald (unrooted)
Pothos N joy (unrooted)
String of hearts (unrooted).
If you interested in any one of them please letme know.
I interested in your Hoya cutting.:blush:

Hi @Aisha ,

I do prefer rooted cuttings and i already have Montserra adesonii.
Do you have any other rooted? I always have hoya (every time i visit my mum i get couple of cuttings) so dont mind waiting if you prefer so your cuttings get rooted.


No i am afraid i don’t have any rooted cuttings at the moment.
I only have plants that i can take cuttings from.

would you sell philo micans cuttings?

@Aisha I have unrooted hoya carnosa I would love to trade for unrooted philo micans if you’re interested? Let me know!

Thank you so much for your offer but i already have Hoya carnosa, crimson Queen, princess and compacta😊
I wanted your cutting because i thought that was a Hoya pubicalyx.

No worries, thanks for letting me know! My hunt for micans can continue :joy:

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Hi @Happyleafytimes I have a Micans cuttings rooted if you’re interested…

Wow yes so interested! Anything you’re looking for? (Ps the backdrop for that picture is so amazing)

Thank you!

What can you offer?

Would you be interested in tradescantia nanouk? @EdenPerpetual

this is a rooted cutting I have

Sweet! We can trade!