Have: frizzle sizzle, monstera adansonii, pilea peperomioides

I have a few frizzle sizzles, pilea of various sizes, and a few small monstera adansonii cuttings (with aerial roots) that I’d love to trade for any of the following:

Looking for (in this order):

Ric rac cactus
Whale fin
String of nickles
Rhipsalis paradoxa

My IG is @handsinmyplants; send me a DM with photos of what you’d like to trade :slight_smile:

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Hi, I have string of hearts. Interested in frizzle sizzle!

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Awesome! Could you send me a picture of yours somehow? Either on IG or email :slight_smile: sydneykelling@yahoo.com. I’ll send you a picture of the frizzle sizzle I have left and we can figure out the details!