Have: Ficus elastica 'ruby' - looking to trade

I have a well rooted cutting from my Ficus elastic ‘ruby’ plant. The leaves have the most GORGEOUS variegation on them!

I am looking to trade for a fair sized:

  • hoya carnosa variegata ‘tricolor’
  • aglaonema pictum ‘tricolor’
  • calathea ianciffolia
  • monstera deliciosa
  • ficus lyrata
  • crassus aborescens

I am open to some other plants that I may not have already so feel free to reach out to me! :grin:


I have full plants to trade as well; mikania ternata (plushvine) or strawberry begonia

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Hi id love to trade with you if its still available ?
I have the Hoya trial colour
ficus lyrata
as well as the monstera

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