Have: Epiphyllum seedlings

Also known as Orchid cactus. I know they are Epis but not sure on the sub-genus. I have 5 so let me know how many you would like. Looking for any philodendren or pothos but open to anything I haven’t got.

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Ooooh, beautiful babies!

I could snip you a piece of golden pothos and I have some kalanchoe mother of thousands small plants, some strawberry begonia runners, and I could take fresh bits from euphorbia tirucalli or a rhipsalis I think is pilocarpa. Would any of those be of interest?

A golden pothos sniping would be lovely!

I have lots of philodendron micans

Ooh a cutting from that would be lovely!

Pm me your address and we will get it sorted :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Hello hun! I have a satin pothos you might be interested in? Or another variegated type (not sure of the name!) let me know as I’d love a cutting x

Top ones a golden :+1: Epipremnum aureum @PlantswithLou

Sooooo cute!! I had one this tiny that’s gone crazy this summer, can’t wait for blooms all being well next summer :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I do have a couple left but they are a little smaller than the others. Would you swap the two for a small cutting of the satin?

Hey Tina, I’d love to! Drop me a message with your address x

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