Have: Epiphyllum Anguliger, Epiphyllum Guatemalense Monstrosa

Hey plant friends !

I am new to this community so this is my first message, if anyone in spain,

I have a growing collection of various indoor plants and due to several movings my two epiphyllums got a trim so i have now rooted (and now growing) cuttings of epiphyllums anguliger and now rooting of Guatemalense monstrosa.

I am happy to swap for cuttings of philodendrons/raphidophora (minima or pedatum) or a Ceropegia woodii (mine is dying, cuttings not taking) but i am also open for suggestions !

I guess i can ship all over europe :slight_smile:

Thanks !!


Not in Spain but would love to trade

Hi Mick !

would love to send you a cutting then !

what would you like to trade it for ?

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What is your interest? I have hoya, jade, begonias, Tradescantia’s.

I don’t have any of the cuttings you suggested, but I have peperomias such as watermelon and caperata, begonia rex and some succulents, if you’re interested?

I’m fine with either of your cuttings, whichever is left!

I am based in Sweden :partly_sunny:

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Hi there ! How about the guatemalense then :slight_smile: ?
I have both watermelon and carperata red and struggling with my own begonias (these things really are divas =_=) Is the begonia rex any easier/hardy?

Hum let me think because I have already a lot of them, which begonia do you have :)?

I don’t really have much experience with begonias, I recently got mine from a relative. Maybe I could interest you in a prayer plant or calathea stromanthe triostar splitting?

Oh ! I’d love the stromanthe ! Can you send me your adress ?

Hi! I am very new here and am from Canada. Do you have anymore of the Guatemalene monstrosa? I have seeds but I really want the plant! Trades to Canada are very easy, I can give you tips on how to send cuttings. I have a variety of plants so let me know what kind you are interested in!

Hey! Do you still have Epiphyllum Guatemalense Monstrosa cuttings? would be more than happy to swap for Ceropegia woodii cuttings if you’re still interested?
Im based in UK,