HAVE: donkeys tail, Pilea Peperomioides, purple Zebrina and more


Just a little update of some plants I have available for swaps:

Purple Zebrina cuttings

Donkeys tail succulent babies

Epipremnum pinnatum pothos ‘N-Joy’ - can take fresh cutting

Pilea Peperomioides (lots of established plants about 2 years old now as well as babies)

Baby carnivorous sundew

Spider plant cuttings

Jade plant cuttings

String of hearts

Various succulents

Tradescantia cuttings

String of Pearls


I’m UK based and would love to do some swaps so please let me know what you have available!

Plants I’m looking for:

Variegated string of hearts
Pilea raindrop (I killed my first swap cuttings!:tired_face:)
String of pearls (the teardrop shaped ones)
Saxifraga tricolour

But am open to offers!

Many Thanks!




I’d love to do some swaps, I have hoya, jade, variety of Pothos. What you looking for?

Hey, what kind of succulents and tradescantia do you have? Also what are you looking for?

Please see photos of plants available. Am afraid I don’t know the names of the succulents also have an aloe.

Please can you tell me what type of pothos you have? I have a few already :slight_smile:

I’ll uodate my post to give ideas on plants I’m looking for.

I can offer loads of different types of tradescantia, Ctenanthe burle-marxii cutting, or heartleaf philo cuttings! The first two succulents look awesome :heart_eyes:

Ooo I’ve just had a peak at your Instagram! Do you have any variegated string of hearts left? I’d happily trade two heads of those succulents for some! It’s hard to tell from the pic but the first succulent is a pale pink.

Would love some tricolour tradescantia too if you have any going :heart_eyes:

Hi, sorry I only have one cutting as it’s stock for my etsy and it’s sold out.

Ooo when would the next batch be ready? Would love to purchase one.

Happy to trade for some tricolour tradescantia:)

I think it’ll be up in about a month! If all grows well :rofl:. I can offer loads of other types of tradescantia if you’re interested?

Hello! Would love to see photos please!

Sure! I have all of these that I can take fresh cuttings from

-one green one
-one fuzzy leaved one called t. blossfeldiana I think
-one green and white one
-tradescantia zebrina
-tradescantia tricolor
I couldn’t get photos of my tradescantia zebrina small form or my fully green giant tradescantia but I can send cuttings of those too!

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Propagationtime, do you have green hill? I’ve got a point load of rooted cuttings to trade if you’re interested.

I’d love the tradescantia tricolour and the green one please!
You mentioned and Burke-Marxii before…are they easy to care for?

Hi I have fish bone cactus cutting starting to root could swap for oxalis and or donkeys tail

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Sounds great to me! I’ll DM you :slight_smile:

A Marble queen pothos has been on my plant wish list forever! I’d love to trade. I have a Micans philodendron I could take a small cutting from. I have monstera adansonii cuttings and satin pothos cuttings currently in water (not rooted just yet), if you’re interested?

(sorry for the extremely late reply all my notifications have been going to spam! )
Pm me and send your address and I’ll be able to send it tomorrow! The Ctenanthe is easy ish to care for depending how you define it. It’s not very problematic as long as you keep the soil moist at all times. If you forget it tends to hate you :joy:

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Please can you send me a photo of your cutting?
I can trade for some cuttings of my succulents but will have to check how much oxalis I have left!