Have cuttings of the following plants



Peperomia polybotrya
Peperomia caperata
Calathia triostar
A variety of succulents

Hey! I have:

I’m just starting out, and only have a few plants. The only plants I have big enough to take cuttings from at the moment are my tradescantia red jewel, and I also have a very good sized achmea (blue rain) bromeliad pup, which I will pot up this weekend unless someone wants me to post it. I also have tons of spider plant babies and some peanut cacti pups that propagate very well. Would any of these be of interest?

If you like any if these I’d love to trade for either of the peperomia or some calathea

What succulents do you have? I have a quite a few and I’m looking to swap some cuttings

I have these image image image

Hi @Vicky, I was just wondering if you’d keep me in mind for the future if you have any Achmea Blue Rain or Tradescantia Red Jewel. I’m fairly new to all of this and haven’t managed to get anything successfully rooted just yet, though I am waiting on some Maranta Leuconeura (fingers crossed they’ll be okay). I have the following that I’ll be attempting to take cuttings from soon, provided they keep doing so well.
Sedum Morganianum
Sanseviera Cylindrica
Sanseviera Cylindrica Var. Patula ‘Boncel’
Sanseviera Trifasciata
Alocasia Amazonica
Peperomia Polybotrya
Maranta Leuconeura Attempting to root at the moment

I am also expecting to get a Hypoestes Phyllostachya (Pink Polka Dot), a Calathea Beautystar and a Calathea Ornata. But am unsure how well established they’ll be. If you’re interested for a future swap though, I’ll keep you posted. :slight_smile:

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I’d be really happy to do a future swap with you. I’m interested in the sansevieras or the pepperomia. At the moment I have some tradescantia zebrina that has started rooting well (ready in a couple of weeks probably) and a pup from the achmea blue jewel. It got munched by my cat about 6 weeks ago and I didn’t expect it to do well but it seems to be doing much better than expected. If it does do well enough to be an “acceptable” swap I’ll let you know. I can always send you a picture before so you can decide. There are also some more pups coming but they are too small at present to remove.

This is really exciting. Which Sansevieras are you interested in? I have a S. cylindrica and a S. cylindrica patula ‘Boncel’ rooting at the moment (they were my first experiments and are doing well - quite large) and there are plenty of pups still attached to the mother plants, I just don’t know what to do with them all. :laughing: I’m happy to send you pictures too. :slight_smile: My Peperomia is enormous, I’ve not yet taken cuttings from it myself, but if you’re interested in a rooted plant I can do that first thing tomorrow, or if you’d rather a few leaves for you to prepare yourself that is fine too, I’m sorry - I feel a little self-concious that I’m doing this all wrong, ha ha. Simply put, whatever you fancy, I’m just excited to connect with other plant lovers, learn more about growing and to expand my collection. :slight_smile: I know the woes of cat disasters, thankfully my girls don’t like munching plants but Loki (aptly named) loves to try and knock over my poor rubber plant! :herb:

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Hey there,
I’d be interested in swapping for the maranta if you get it to root successfully? I have the following and will likely have a few more options ready soon

  • Syngonium ‘Neon Robusta’ baby rooted plant x1
  • Calathea rufibarba baby plant x2
  • Muehlenbeckia complexa ‘Triloba’ cuttings rooted or fresh
  • Peperomia rotundifolia fresh stem cuttings (rooting some up at the moment :slight_smile:) x sooo many
  • Crassula rupestris v. monticola rooted cuttings x few
  • Crassula muscosa rooted cuttings x few
  • String of hearts rooted or fresh cuttings x lots

Hey @terenbrandy I will keep you posted, I’m really really hoping she’ll make it, it’s looking promising so far. I am definitely interested in a couple of your plants. How cute are Syngoniums!? Also I’m on a bit of a Calathea binge at the moment, so I’ll let you know as soon as I know how the Maranta are doing. I’ll try and get some decent pictures of everybody tomorrow. :slight_smile:

@terenbrandy :laughing: I thought I recognised your name, I believe I’m following your lovely Instagram! Hi there! :grin:

Oh hi! Thanks so much for your lovely comment yesterday! Also syngoniums = :heart_eyes: IMG_20190613_180221__01
This is the one I have available

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@terenbrandy Crikey Your Syngonium is gorgeous! I’m really hoping my Maranta plays ball, I’d love to do a swap, I have two smaller cuttings rooting together right now. And as far as what I said goes, I wouldn’t have said anything if I didn’t mean it, you should be thanking yourself. :slight_smile:

I’m new to all of this too, so I’m not totally clear on the etiquette either! I’d love either a Boncel baby or some pepperomia - I dont mind if they are rooted, I imagine as long as the cutting is taken properly and they are well packaged and posted early in the week to avoid sitting in the post office over the weekend, it should be fine. My preference is the pepperomia but if you are more confident sending the sanseviera, I’d be really happy to receive that instead, just let me know.

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Hi @Vicky this all sounds amazing. I’m sorry I meant to take pictures the other day but life has been a bit hectic and I’ve not been able to make it to my mum’s. I’ll try and get some pictures up tomorrow for you to see if you like them. I’d be happy to swap both Pepperomia cutting and a rooted Sanseviera for your Tradescantia and your Achmea pup. I’ll research the best ways to transport both and will start to get bits together. :slight_smile:

@terenbrandy the Maranta is looking promising, some curly leaves but I think she was getting too much sun. So I’ve moved her to a less bright position. Again, I’m sorry as I said I’d put up pictures and I’ve been a bit all over but will try tomorrow. :herb:

Hope everybody is doing well and getting better weather than my patch of Devon!!!


No worries, life gets busy. The pictures were worth the wait anyway. Oh my gosh that maranta is stunning! :heart_eyes:

I think they’re one of the prettiest plants, I thought it’d be good to put a picture of the mother plant up because you just can’t get the full impact of them from a few cuttings, ha ha. She was so scraggly about six weeks back, needed a lot of but she’s bounced back now. I’m going to propagate from her in the future too, so when your cuttings are ready, should anything happen to them in transit (I know they can be a bit delicate) I’m hoping there will be some replacements ready. Just in case, prepare for the worst scenario and be extra happy when things work out, ha ha. I found a Maranta Leuconeura kerchoveana the other day. I’ve had one on my wish list for the longest time so snapped it up. I think they’re adorable, needs some tlc too, but I’m excited to see it flourish.

I’d never be able to pick a prettiest plant but the maranta is definitely up there and oxalis and colocasia, two of my recent purchases so I’m a little biased! Variety is the spice of life is my motto when it comes to my plant family :laughing: Thanks, I love to see pictures of the mother plant so I know what to aspire to! Best case scenario of course. So far I’ve only had one true casualty due to postage stress. Best of luck with that kerchoveana, I’m sure based on your other maranta that you’ll help this one to thrive

Hey @BambiDew, sorry for my slow response, my health is poor these days. Here are a few snaps on my tradescantia cuttings which have good roots and a pic of the bromeliad pup that has been rooting for a bit in soil. It does look rather worse for wear, but I do have a happier one of similar size that is still attached to the mother plant, which I could separate - just let me know your preference. 20190628_222042
20190628_221923 20190628_221912