HAVE cuttings in TX/US

Hi everyone, I’m yet to have a successful trade lol! But here’s my try again…

I have silver satin, brasil philodendron*, golden pothos, spider plant, neon philodendron*, string of pearls, stones faces, snake plant, peacock calathea*, hoya krimson queen variegated* and lemon lime maranta*

The plants with a * are only for special trades.

I’m looking for a monstera adansonii, neon pothos, njoy pothos, pink princess, white knight, monstera deliciosa, string of hearts, and hoya kerrii.

Message me on Instagram with pictures and I can share pictures too! :slight_smile:

IG: laurasjungles

@Clevergreenery hi! I have string of hearts and am interested in either a sanseveria or your philodendron Brazil. I’m on insta @cactusmoonneedlework (although I don’t have all my plants pictured.) If you’re interested, DM me over there. :slight_smile: