#Have: Cuttings (Calgary)


#Have: pothos (neon, marble, N’joy), Ficus lyrata, Monstera deliciosa, Monstera Adansonii, Philodendron (red, micans, neon, heartleaf, brasil) pilea peperoimedis) Spider plants (variegated and green), arrow head (pink and dark brown), rubber tree, asperagus fern, foxtail fern, staghorn fern, birds nest fern, wandering jew, madagascar jewel, orchids, oxalis (green, purple, burgandy, light green), angel wing begonia (very large, and small), rex begonia, orchid cactus, ric rac cactus, avocado plant, silver squill, var. jade plant, silver dollar plant

"Want: Cebu blue pothos, pink princess philodendron, rare philo’s and pohtos, climbing onion, cane like begonia


Hi, very interested in the adansonii and ric rac cactus. Would you take paypal and mail cuttings to edmonton?


I’m interested in the ficus lyrata cutting but have none of the plants you want. Willing to pay instead. I can pick up in Calgary. Thanks


Very interested in the n’joy pothos if you still have any and the monstera.


Very interested in the silver dollar plant (is this xerosicyos danguyi?) as well as Brasil philo! I don’t have anything you’re looking for but can pay $$


Would you be willing to sell cutting of monstera adansonii? Also in Calgary will happily pick up!
Unfortunately I have nothing to offer for trade.
I do have satin pothos but it’s a fresh cutting I just potted. Will happily share if you are interested once matures.


May I have a cutting of your monstera deliciosa plant in exchange in Calgary for pink orchid cactus “epiphyllum irisdescence”. Thank you.