Have: cuttings and bubs of various house plants for swapping (Gold Coast)


Hey all,

Have cuttings and babies of bromeliads, various succulents, peace lillies, begonias available to swap for interesting new things. Hopefully if my propagation experiments take off, I will have more.

#goldcoast #australia


Hey there @Oh_greenie,

I have a very large heart-leaf philodendron at home. Would you like a cutting? I am from NSW, but will happy to post. Let me know!


Hi @IsabellaGrace , that would be amazing. I have tree philodendron, string of hearts, string of beans, and various succulents to share back. I will private message you to see what we can work out - I am new to houseplant swap so still working out how to send a message.
thank you


That’s okay @Oh_greenie, I only just joined this morning. I’m not too sure how to private message either. Will play around and try to contact you.


Looks like there aren’t many of us Aussies on here! Im in Brisbane and would love to do some trading if you guys would like to too? Let me know what you’re looking for and we can see if we can sort something out! Atm Ive been giving my cuttings to my friends and family but would love to share with you guys too!


Hi @Plantsbybecca what sort of cuttings do you have? I’m in Brisbane and my partner lives on the GC and we have a few to swap including chain of hearts, fire sticks, purple shamrock, dischidia nummularia, and have just propagated some watermelon peperomia which have rooted and just started shooting.


Hi @BDhouseplants ! I think I just emailed you, but I’m quite new to this website so let me know if it didn’t come through :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in the purple shamrock! I have a bunch of succulents to trade if you have anything you are looking for?