Have crassulas + various succs, monstera, jellybean, pencil cactus(?)

I have tonnes of cuttings and propogated leaves but I am terrible with names. I’m a new user so only allowed to upload one picture so please have a look, and if there’s anything you would like to swap please message me.
I have rooted cuttings of pretty much everything pictured, and I also have a monstera which is just a cutting at the moment.
Not looking for anything in particular, but am a fan of flowering plants and trailing/hanging ones.

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Hi! Is that pink one up top a crassula? I would LOVE a cutting of this!! I have some rhipsalis baccifera horrida cuttings I could give you, and a fishbone cactus with some roots already forming! I also have a variegated spiderwort (green and white one) as well as an n joy pothos if you’d be interested!

I love your rosettes! I have loads of Pepperomia rotundifolia to trade :blush: