HAVE : Ceropegia Woodii / Tradescantia Zebrina / Dischidia Nummularia / Peperomia Piccolo Banda / Crassula Ovata & more WANT : Epiphyllum Anguliger / Hoya Curtisii / Hoya Kerrii variegated / Senecio Rowleyanus & more

Hi everyone!

Ok so I have quite a lot of plants, and also want to get lots of others! ^^

Already ROOTED cuttings that I HAVE :

  • Ceropegia Woodii - “chain of hearts” (8 pieces, about 10-12cm each)
  • Dischidia Nummularia (only 2 but could take more on the mother)
  • Tradescantia Zebrina (more than 10)
  • Hedera Helix ‘something’ - variegated english ivy (5 or 6 rooted cuttings + could take more on the mother)
  • Epipremnum Aureum - golden pothos (about a dozen cuttings, some already have roots, others not yet even though they were taken on the same day - contrarily to what many people do I take fairly “long” cuttings with 3 to 5 leaves left on them, not just one or 2, that way you get a nicer looking plant faster)
  • Scindapsus Pictus Argyraeus - Satin Pothos (2 or 3 rooted cuttings - could take more on the mother)
  • Coleus Wizard Scarlet (LOTS - some rooted in soil, others in water - could also take more on the mother)
  • Peperomia Piccolo Banda (4 or 5 rooted “babies” of various sizes)
  • Crassula Ovata ‘Minima’ - Dwarf Jade tree - SUCCULENT - (lots of cuttings of various sizes, some are already small plants, others trully “babies”)
  • Chlorophtyum Comosum - spider plant (2 already fairly big plants that were grown from several cuttings each + could take new unrooted small pups on the mother)
  • Opuntia Microdasys - bunny ear cactus (several rooted cuttings already growing in soil, also have cuttings of another Opuntia but don’t know their name)
  • Sanseviera Cylindrica (divided my main plant in 2 this year, still unsure wether I’ll keep them both… I guess I could trade one for a plant that I really love and have been looking for for a long time)

I have more plants but none that could be easily propagated at the moment.

Looking for :

  • Cissus Discolor
  • Cryptocereus Anthonyanus OR Epiphyllum Anguliger (not the same plant but they are often mistaken for one another, both are commonly named zig zag cactus or rik rak cactus)
  • Cyanotis Bedomei
  • Cyanotis Somaliensis
  • Dischidia Ovata
  • Dischidia Ruscifolia
  • Elatostema Repens / syn. Pellionia Daveuana
  • Hoya Curtisii
  • Hoya Kerrii variegated form (only interested in the variegated form)
  • Hoya Longifolia
  • Hoya Obovata
  • Kalanchoe Bracteata or K. Hildebrandtii (not the same plant but both look similar so would be glad to find any of them)
  • Kalanchoe Orgyalis
  • Medinilla Sedifolia
  • Pellionia Pulchra
  • Peperomia Graveolens
  • Peperomia Metallica
  • Peperomia Puteolata
  • Piper Crocatum
  • Senecio Rowleanus (string of pearls)
  • Tradescantia Sillamontana
  • Tradescantia Spathacea

I might consider plants that are not in my wishlist so feel free to ask if you want one of mine but don’t have anything that I want. Also feel free to ask for pictures if you’d like to see either my cuttings, their mother, or both :slight_smile:


Hey I have Tradescantia Sillamontana I could send for Dischidia Nummularia ?

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Oh that’s cool! I really want this one! (actually really want all the plants in my wishlist ahah, but I’m surprised I’m already getting one proposal so fast! ^^)
Would it be okay for you to either send me more cuttings (or longer cuttings) than me considering that Dischidias are more rare and slow growers whereas Trasdescantias grow super fast and are more common? (even though Sillamontana can’t be found everywhere)

What length were you expecting? Sillamontana is actually slower than most other tradescantia :+1:

I don’t know, I was thinking either you sending me 3 or 4 cuttings for 2 of mine, or cuttings about 1,5 / 2 times longer than mine (I need to check their length because I don’t know it obviously)

But I’m still unsure I would “need” T. sillamontana anyways because I’m going to order plants soon on a website that does have this one, so I might simply order one instead of getting it from cuttings ^^

OK no worries then. .

Interested in Dischidia Nummularia.
Have rooted string of pearls x

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Hello, I’m a total newbie to this group but I have;

  • aloe veriegata
  • echeveria agavoides
  • echeveria Grus

I would love chain of hearts.


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I would love some chain of hearts! I have:

:herb:Peperomia Rotundifolia
:herb:Crassula Ovata
:herb:Crassula Rupestris
:herb:Pachyveria Schedeckeri
:herb:Donkeys tail
:herb:Mother of millions plants
:herb:Stapelia Orbigata

Do you still have peperomia piccolo Banda?