HAVE Cebu, R.Decursiva, P. Giganteum, F. Audrey

Already have plenty of Cebu Blue rooted, currently rooting some more Raphidophora Decursiva and Philodendron Giganteum. I could also cut or root Ficus Audrey or maybe Altissima.

Looking for:

P. Verrucosum
P. Squamiferum
P. Gloriosum
P. Plowmanii
P. Mayoi
P. Billetiae
P. Melanochrysum
P. Verr x Mela

A. Veitchii
A. Crystallinum

I’m willing to consider other trades, but I have a lot of common houseplants.

Hi, I’m looking to add more cebu to what I already have. Do you have/are you interested in rooted cream splash? Could be rio, but my nursery said cream splash.

I’m not really interested in the Brasil/Rio varieties, but I saw where you posted the climbing Philodendron ‘Emerald‘. I could do a swap for some rooted/cuttings of that for some Cebu.

Hi, I only have one rooted cutting left and since I already have cebu (thought I’d just fill it out some more) I wouldn’t want to do that trade. But let me know if you have other things you’d like to trade! :slight_smile: