Have: Calgary plant swap



Hey friends, I’ve got a few cuttings to share including philo micans, heartleaf, brasil and seloum (++tiny); pothos njoy, marble queen, silver and golden; spider plants, straight variegated and variegated Bonnie. I can cut some fresh hoya carnosa variegata and curtisii. Monstera deliciosa (plain green) babes will be available in the spring for trade or quaint donation towards the plant obsession :slight_smile:


I’m interested in the Monstera babes!


Would so love a monstera baby !


Hey! So sorry, been away from anyfor a bit, but back on the 18th and will be glad to share a cutting with you!


Hey there, I’m back in town on the 18th and will be glad to share a baby then :smile:


You have no idea how much I would appreciate that! There are literally zero here in Thunder Bay. Thank you. Here’s the catch… would you be willing to mail it? I could mail you a cutting from my collection if you’d like :slight_smile:


I’d love the p. micans, but we’d have to do mail, too. I’ve got string of hearts and a couple cool euphorbia cactus cuttings if you’re interested in trying a swap!


I would be interest in some philo selloum!

I always have pothos (not sure the type though, slightly varigated), christmas cactus (white or red tho some are a mystery!), and spider plants (long, varigated white edge). Also have prayer plant and aluminum plant rooting right now.


Do you still have any monstera deliciosa babies?
I have string of pearl, lemon and mango seedlings if you’d like to swap :smiley:


Hi do you have any plants to share - also in Calgary. Thank you!!


I have a lots to share. Im only looking for scandipus treubii. Check my Instagram che_rasca


Please save a monstera deliciosa baby for me. Thanks