Have : calathea rufibarba "velvet"

My velvet calathea has been growing like crazy and I don’t really have room to give it a bigger home so I deciced to trim him down and I have four spare cuttings. as you can see in pics some these cuttings are growing new rhizomes too so will be filling out their new homes soon too :blush: some leaves aren’t perfect as you can hopefully see pictured but let me know what you got, holding to get more philo / pothos vines but I’m open to most plants :blush:

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Hey! I’d love a small cutting? I have philo red emerald cuttings and heartleaf philo cuttings if you’re interested? :slight_smile:

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Just the one?? :blush: philo would awesome :+1:

Yeah! Which type would you like?

Haha oh god I am not with it lol sorry…heart shaped please :blush: did you need my address ?

Haha yes please! I’ll send a couple rooted cuttings then :slight_smile:!

Hi! If you happen to have any cuttings left, I’d be very interested! Cuttings I have are peperomias such as watermelon and caperata, string of pearls, a variegated succulent (the name wasn’t specified when I bought it, but it might be a Fasciated haworthia mix) and some other succulents if you’re interested.

Watermelon sounds good :+1: I’ll pm you my address :blush:

Bro I’m so offended. My cutting is going to be so much better than yours :kissing_heart:

I am perfectly aware of that :laughing:

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