HAVE Blushing Philodendron and Hoya Pubicalyx

Hiya, I have multiple blushing philodendron that are at least 1 foot tall, and some pubicalyx in 4in. pots :slight_smile: let me know if you’re interested. I also have some rooting neon pothos and Philodendron cuttings if that interests you. I’m interested in philodendrons, calatheas, alocasias, peperomias, etc let me know what you have and maybe we can trade ! :smile:

i have some Hoyas and some other plants.if you can specify what are you exactly looking for, it might help… i am looking for philodendron Brandtianum,Monstera siltepecana or a cebu blue pothos.:blush:

Sadly I dont have any of those that you’re looking for :frowning: I’ve been looking for some hoya curtisii or some peperomia prostrata maybe even a calathea beauty star. They are quite hard to find where I’m from.

oh i am so sorry… i did not noticed that you are from USA… i will not be able to do any swap with you because of some postage rules…My apologies.

I am interested in the blushing philodendron. I have philodendron gloriosum and much more. You can see some of my plants on my face book page Plant Life Guru.

I would love to do a swap ! I will definitely look you up :slight_smile: I dont have a Facebook tho… so I’ll most likely be using my sisters to contact you through there otherwise I have an ig @hausofbotanics if you have an Instagram.

I have some Philodendron Micans as well as some Ctenanthe Lubbersiana. Ctenanthe plants are very similar to Calatheas, but I’ve always found them to be easier to take care of. I would love to have a Hoya Pubicalyx, so just let me know if you’re interested.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply but I could totally get you some pubicalyx for some micans:)

Great! My Instagram is skyler_rina_long. Would you mind exchanging info over there?

I wouldnt mind at all I’ll message you right now :slight_smile:

Hi! I have Calathea Beauty Star if you are still interested in it :slight_smile:

Hi, I actually have beauty star but thank you for your offer !

I would be interested in the philodendron you have! I have several types of alocasia and other aroids.

I no longer have any blushing philodendron but have other aroids and plants that I would love to trade :slight_smile: what type of alocasias and aroids do you have ?