HAVE: Baby Mother of Thousands

My MoT has had lots of babies and the babies are starting to have babies!
I’ve got a smaller plant collection now and am open to trade for just about anything!

Let me know if you want one baby or a couple.

Some info:
Mother of Thousands (not to be confused with Mother of Millions) is a beautiful and interesting house plant. Baby plantlets appear on the tips of each leaf producing small plants!

This plant needs good drainage and a cactus soil mix is best. Otherwise sand can also be added to the soil for drainage assistance.

A bright location with several hours of indirect sunlight is best.

The mother plant will sometimes bloom greyish purple flowers in late winter. Once in bloom it will die. However, you should not have a shortage with your baby plantlets.

Plant is organic.
*Note: Please be mindful to keep this plant away from pets. A larger container that does not allow babies to fall to the floor is best.

I would like some of them I have some clippings from two different pathos or I also have some tiny succulents growing too

I would totally be interested in your pathos. What types do you have?

The trimmings in the middle are from the plant on the left and they are rooted already and the plant on the right has some air roots growing already so I could clip some of those too.

I saw on another post you have a couple of crotons I don’t have any of those if you have anything else you might want to trade I’m okay with doing multiple plants

Hi did u still want to trade my cuttings have roots and are ready for planting

I love that! I don’t have much to trade but I could send some succulent leaves and golden pothos clipping.