Have: baby Monstera 'deliciosa' for swaps

I know everyone already has one but hey ho! I have baby monstera deliciosa for swapping, they’re about a month old now :smile:

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I think some people with smaller spaces may appreciate a cutting of this, so that they can grow it for quite a while before it becoming large. I wonder if it’s possible to constantly trim it and keep in a compact but mature form?


I hope so!! My house is tiny so I’m going to try keeping one small or go crazy and make a giant macrame with super strong hooks :joy::joy:

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I have a bunch of Bryophyllum daigremontianum (Mother of Thousands) to trade with you, if you’re interested? They’re quite a few weeks old (around 2 months, I think) so well rooted!

I have a plantlet already thank you :blush:

Hi. Just wondering if any of these are still available? I have a few more plants to trade, I listed them all here.

Maybe we could get a three way going if someone wants one of yours an has something I like?

Or if you do succulents I’m that way inclined too :blush:

Hey! @Mildred.DOOM I would love one if they’re still available! I have:

•Peperomia Rotundifolia
•Mother of Millions
•Jade plant
•Crassula Rupestris
•Donkeys tail
•Stapelia Orbigata

Uhm you’ve messaged a few times now… This topic is reeeeal old and I’ve for everything you have to offer :sweat:

I’m so sorry, I don’t recall messaging you. I’m soooo forgetful :disappointed_relieved: Thanks anyway

Out of interest how did you propagate your monstera babies?

I’m toying with growing some from seed… but don’t know the first thing about it.

They were grown from seed from sunny plants. Literally put in dirt and waited :joy: obvs they’re slower through winter but come spring they get their grow on

Thank you! You’ve persuaded me. I’m going to get some!

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Yay!! Happy growing :grin: