#have: asparagus fern, baby cacti, air plants, more

I’m new to the site & to houseplant gardening but here are a few things I have to trade:

#asparagus fern
#littlehermanivy little Herman variegated ivy
Two types of baby #cactus
Dwarf umbrella plant
Marble queen pothos
Wandering Jew
Fittonia nerve plants
Bonnie spider plant
Mother of thousands babies
Think I have some sort of aloe at home…and a peace Lilly.

#want: almost anything but especially looking for Hoya, string of hearts, ferns/terrarium plants, and philodendron. Also love cacti :cactus:

i have a prickly pear cactus with two pads about a foot overall, succulents, a few terrarium plants and mosses, im interested in the umbrella plant, mother of thousands and baby cactus

Check out my list of what I have! I am interested in an asparagus fern! For some reason I can’t find one anywhere!!

I’m interested in the umbrella plant! What kinds of Philodendron would you like? I have a Philodendron brasil if you’re interested.

So apparently the best way to take umbrella plant cuttings is from the stem and i only have one stem :confused: so unfortunately i can’t offer it anymore sorry!

I believe I have a few sprengeri pieces (sadly losing some leaves rn?) and then I also have another asparagus fern that is similar but I’m not sure of its name. I know it isn’t foxtail. It may be basket asparagus fern? I would love any monstera, hoya, or philo that you have.

I could send you some mother of thousands and baby cacti for some mosses/terrarium plants!

I’ll be interested in a cutting of Jade pothos! I have a Brasil philodendron that I could give a cutting :blush:

Sweet! Can you PM me and we can work out the details this weekend?