HAVE anthurium warocqueanum 'dark form'

I actually have 2 anthurium warocqueanum dark forms and am looking to swap the smaller one of the two. Don’t be fooled by the word “smaller” though, it’s longest leaf is already at 13 inches! I’ve attached some images of the plant. It’s leaves are a little bent due to shipping but it’s purely cosmetic and the new leaves will come out perfect. I also attached an image of it next to my larger one with 20" leaves for size comparison.

The plants I’m seeking to swap for it are:
Large philodendron melanochrysum (a cutting would be fine. I’m hoping to get one with leaves at least 14 inches long but bigger is better. If you have an abnormally large one I’m willing to give my warocqueanum and pay the difference).
Anthurium Papillilaminum (a hybrid is fine as well but I’d like to see it first).
Rhaphidophora tetrasperma (I don’t want the tissue culture kind only the one with thick round leaves. Of course the plant would have to be of substantial size to trade for the warocqueanum).
Pendant anthuriums (wendlingeri, friedrichdthalii, pallidiflorum, etc).

I love all sorts of rare aroids, especially anthuriums, so if you have anything else that I didn’t mention just let me know.
You can contact me here or my Instagram @lbtropicals where I have pictures of all my plants!

Would you have any interest in a very large P. sodiroi? Leaves roughly 10" long, plant 2’ tall, with 8 leaves 6-10" long

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I have monsters tetrasperma I could definitely do a good size cutting or a possible rooting if ur interested. I have two plants let me know if this is the one you are interested in. I am more on insta you can message me there

Leah @Petalsinfullbloom

Hey!! Are you still looking to trade for this?

Unfortunately I already traded it for a Bolivian monstera obliqua. I am willing to pay cash or a small cutting of the obliqua for any of the plants I previously listed except r. tetrasperma as I’ve already bought one.

Wow! I missed an amazing chance here. Lol. Those are some beautiful plants!

Hi there! Would you entertain offers for the Queen on the right? $800?

Any interest in trading a Variegated Monstera cutting for an Obliqua cutting? Willing to send pics. Los Angeles based.
Thanks! Best of luck!

Sorry, unfortunately my queen is not for sale.

Yes I would be interested. Is it the albo borsigiana?

Yes, with excellent variegation too- can send a pic of the cutting I would probably send Would love to see the obliqua you got. Could you share a picture? I’ve been burned before with getting an adansonii round cutting that someone said was an obliqua :face_with_monocle:

The plant in the center climbing up the shelf is the obliqua. Because it’s the Bolivian form it doesn’t have fenestrations like the Peruvian one does. Maybe not as conventionally attractive but still a super unique and extremely rare plant. I also find that it’s extremely easy to grow which always makes me love the plant even more. If you need confirmation that it’s a genuine obliqua I have proof from Mick Mitty.

I’m down! I don’t mind if it’s not a Peru as long as it’s not an adansonii! (Sorry adansonii… I still love you too!) Here’s the top of one of my albos. I’ll need to check the other one too to see which would be better for a cutting. Don’t want to give you one with too much white- makes the plant a lot harder to get stable. 50% green at least is best.

Also Mick Mitty- holy crap!!

The plant looks great!