Have angelwing begonia Halifax



Located in Halifax, NS. I have angelwing begonia as well as monstera, neon pothos, tradescantia zebrinia, and fittonia I can take clippings of :slight_smile:


Hi there! I would LOVE a clipping from your Angel wing :slight_smile: Is there anything you’re looking for? I am new to houseplant swap, and I’m very excited.


I’d be happy with either potting soil or a small plant/clipping for trade :slight_smile: do you have any interesting plants?


Hello :slight_smile: do you have the scientific name for your begonia/a photo? Would love to check it out! If you are interested, I can trade with a cutting from my Scindapsus pictus ‘Argyraeus’ (silver pothos). My main plant is doing very well and as the leaves get darker, their silver spots really sparkle in the light!


I’m not positive of the scientific name, but I’ll attach a photo of the parent plant for you! It has very large leaves, is a cane type begonia and red underside to the leaves


Hi Erica, I’m interested in neon pothos clippings! I have mother of thousands babies, Peperomia 'Bibi" and polka dot plant cuttings to trade. Let me know :slight_smile:


I can take some clippings now, they’re growing really well recently! I just got a white polka dot plant, but I’d love a little pink one!


Cool. I PM’ed you to sort out the details!


Likely begonia ‘lucerne’ a very old hybrid.


Hi - is this still available?