Have: aloe, spider plant, mother of millions, cactus

I have baby aloes, spider plants, lots of mother of millions babies, many random succulent leaves taking root, and Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus! I would love string of pearls, Burros tail, string of bananas, any trailing succulent really. I’m not looking for anything in particular!

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Hey! I’m interested in your holiday cacti depending on which specific ones you have! I have some you may want. I also have Sedum morganianum var burrito.

I would love to trade! I’ve been looking for some trailin succulents and yours sound perfect!

Sorry about the poor quality… I just snapped a few quick pics. I have cuttings of both Christmas and thanksgiving cactus. The two planted ones are two of the parent plants- they bloom close to Christmas. One is a red and the other blooms a pretty pink. The other parent plant was my Grandmother’s so I don’t have a picture of it.

Great! Would you like to contact me via Instagram to discuss the details?

I messaged you on Instagram! So excited to swap! :blush:

Hey Miranda,
Sorry I didn’t receive your message.