Have a variety of cuttings to trade

Hello! Interested in trading cuttings, here is a list of what I have.
:seedling:Philo Brasil
:seedling:Philo Heartleaf
:seedling:Monstera Adonsonii
:seedling:Scindapsus Pictus
:seedling:Pothos N’joy
:seedling:Pothos Neon
:seedling:Pothos Golden
:seedling:Spider Plant (green)
I am interested in anything I don’t have
Bonus points for Lemon Lime Philodendron and Marble Queen Pothos


Hey @Slingle ! I am interested in the N’joy! I have a lemon lime philodendron :slight_smile: :grinning:


I have baby Mother of Thousands currently.
I also have a Ruby Red and Petra Croton that aren’t propagated yet, but I could if you’re interested!

I am interested in your Monstera Adonsonii.


I would love to trade some cuttings or props
I have:
Golden Pothos
Two varieties of sansevieria
Heart leaf philodendron
Pepperomia polybotyra