Have : 5 calathea, 6 philodendron, 1 monstera

Hi there
I have 5 calathea which I’ve propagated, 6 philodendrons which are rooting in water, a baby monstera which is rooting and some baby pileas

I don’t supose you have got lancifolia?

I do but it’s not rooting yet but I don’t mind sending it anyway

Do calatheas root? I had no luck with maranta both of same family, I read its best splitting rhizomes

I would love a monstera!

That’s good by me! If you’re interested still hmu

That’s how I’ve done it :slight_smile:

I don’t suppose you have a rooted calathea orbifolia I could have? :grimacing:

I don’t sorry :frowning: I will do soon

Keep me posted! Is there anything in particular your are after? :grin:

Watermelon Peperomia!

Hi there - do you still have the Calathea orbifolia???

Hi, I don’t suppose you’ve got a Pink Princess Philodendron?

Genuine question, I understand you run a flower shop @Martin - is it not possible to source P. Pink Princess that way? If not, why not? Thx, it’s a mystery to me why some plants are so hard to come by.

Hi, no unfortunately it isn’t that easy. I’ve got access to a few different wholesalers , but they don’t all stock the same plants. 99% of our stock comes through the Dutch auctions. Most wholesalers nowadays also but directly from growers and nurseries. However there does seem to be a preferential treatment going on there. Some nurseries and growers will only supply to certain wholesalers, and that might not always be one I have access too. When it comes to the auction it’s a matter of the highest bidder wins. Sometimes it only takes on buyer on the clock to buy the whole lot in one go. So although I have the benefit of having access to a large range of plants, not everything on my wish list is available!


@Martin Thank you for the explanation! It’s just odd to me, especially the sought after Monstera & Philodendron varieties would be easy to propagate…but somehow no grower has jumped on it yet, it seems.

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I know, and that’s one of the things I find so incredibly frustrating. Took 8 months before I finally got a variegated monstera. Madness!

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I’m interested in philodendron x

Hey! I would love a Calathea Orbifolia or Monstera! I have Peperomia Rotundifolia or Jade plant cuttings, could take a tiny cutting of my Crassula Rupestris.