Growing my collection!

I live in the mountains in the middle of nowhere and I am trying to grow my collection! Anything you are willing to send me I will gladly accept and love!!

I have:
2 string of pearls
Fittonia (pink)
2 Ivy plants (english & something else)
Birds nest sanseveria (sp?)
Spider Plant
two creeping fig
silver falls dichondria(sp?)
Some succulents & Aloe
Zebra plant (i think thats what its called)
Queen Kimberly fern

and i think thats it!

Please message me if you want to trade or have any clippings you would be willing to send my way!!

Here is a list of plants I am currently wanting to get my hands on: #want

Peace lilly
Calathea (rattlesnake)
String of Hearts !!!
Chinese Evergreen
Rubber plant
Hoya (heart shape)
Philodendron (any)
Monstera (any)
Baby’s Tears
Maranta (red)
Polka dot plant
Bridal veil vine
Peperomia (any)
Caladium (Elephant ears) black!

If you have IG find me @daffadowndillyy I have several of your wants on your wishlist. :slight_smile:

I added you on IG and sent you a message. I am @brooketallant

I have some black elephant ears, I’m on IG as leafed.coast if you’re interested in either Black Corals or Black Beauty

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Sent you a message!!

My phone died, but will be back on to reply tomorrow evening!

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I’d love some silver falls dichondra or maranta. I have some peperomia ruby cascade.