Great Plant Swaps


I received a great swap from @Robynfs :herb: Quick delivery, well packaged, and a much bigger plant than I was expecting! I’m super happy with my new Calathea Maui Queen - thank you so much @Robynfs :blush:

I’ve had a few great swaps with members of this forum since it was created, and I wanted to share their names now there’s a place for feedback and to say thank you! :hugs:

@Propagationtime for the philodendron red emerald
@Mildred.DOOM for the baby cheese plant - I’m hoping it won’t grow quite as big as my current 5ft monster…!
@PlantJunkie for the philodendron brasil and marble queen - two plants I’ve been after for AGES
@Plantgus for the calathea “triostar” - the postal system held it up for a while but it didn’t suffer!
@minions_and_plants for the begonia
@v60fan for the neon pothos


Thank you! My cuttings are doing very well xx


I’m also very happy with our swap, your cuttings are doing very well!


@Mimly, thanks for the gorgeous string of hearts! I love the pot too!! It was really well packaged.


Thanks so much @tiff for this beautiful pilea who arrived today and is enjoying a sunny spot on my kitchen windowsill, my new favourite plant baby :heart_eyes: so pleased to have completed my first swap, thank you for sending so well packaged too! Enjoy your string of hearts :smile:


A reallys special thanks to @Wendolina for the swap we had! She was so generous to send me more plants than we agreed! Happy to complete my first plant swap! Soon I will add a picture of the plants,now they are still recoveringf from the trip😅


You’re welcome, I hope they come around after some TCL. Same this end, the sans was fine as expected but only one leaf survived on the begonia. Hopefully it will bud and recover, it was a long trip for them. Great swapping with you too :+1::green_heart:


Thanks to @tiff for a brill swap and some lovely plants!


@SuccObsession, thanks to you as well!! I got more cuttings/leaves than I was expecting…very excited to get them rooted and into pots!