Got plenty of Echeveria and Pachyveria leaves! +more, want Neon Pothos,Njoy,Philo Micans

That’s fine, I would be happy with the philodendron Brasil if that’s okay?
I can swap for a cutting of the philodendron micans?

Or I can take cuttings from these

Sounds good! I’m not sure how to cut the philo sorry, do you need to leave a node?

That’s okay, yeah you need to leave a node on the cutting as that’s where the roots grow from :blush:

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I’ll try my best to get a good one :+1:

I have a watermelon Pilea cutting that is pretty big and has really good roots on it at the moment, that I would be happy to trade for a peperomia rotundifolia cutting!

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That would be lovely! Dm me your address!

I have:
Hobbit , sunset, variegated, curly crassulas

What would you like for your Sitara cutting?

I’ve got all of them sorry :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Do you have anything else?


Yes, I have many plants I can take cuttings/division at the moment.
Have you found the Calathia orbifolia yet?

I haven’t! Omg do you have a cutting? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s never a cutting with Calatheas it’s a baby or a plant division.
Yes, I do. Would you like to trade for some of your plants?

This is the mother plant.

Is this the one you’re talking about?

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Yes! Omg it’s beautiful! I’m afraid my tradescantia pup is quite small :-/ is there anything else you’d like?

Would you by any chance have Ficus Triangularis?

I’m in love with this plant.

Afraid not :-/ I have Benjamina?

If you come around to someone who’s got it… Let me know!
Would you happen to have syngoniums? Or caladiums?

Afraid not :-/ still a bit of a newbie

I honestly don’t gave enough to swap for a piece. Wait till someone comes along with a fair trade. Hope we can swap in the future though. X