Got plenty of Echeveria and Pachyveria leaves! +more, want Neon Pothos,Njoy,Philo Micans


Lots of lil planty leaves, that will root easily or I can root them and then trade.

Also have jade (regular and hobbit) Philodendron Brazil, Tradescantia Sitara, Aloe Vera, Peperomia Rotundifolia, Mother of millions, crassula Rupestris, ficus Benjamina but only tiny amounts of all these

Looking for
•Pothos Njoy And neon
•Oxalis purple or green
•Peperomia columella
•Calathea Orbifolia
•Variegated jade or hobbit
•Watermelon Peperomia
•Anything variegated
Also open to offers


May be able to help you with a few philodendron cuttings :blush:

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What have you got? Would you be interested in any of my plants? I’m afraid I’d have to give you smaller cuttings of a few because they’re all quite small rn


That’s fine, I would be happy with the philodendron Brasil if that’s okay?
I can swap for a cutting of the philodendron micans?


Or I can take cuttings from these


Sounds good! I’m not sure how to cut the philo sorry, do you need to leave a node?


That’s okay, yeah you need to leave a node on the cutting as that’s where the roots grow from :blush:

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I’ll try my best to get a good one :+1:


I have a watermelon Pilea cutting that is pretty big and has really good roots on it at the moment, that I would be happy to trade for a peperomia rotundifolia cutting!

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That would be lovely! Dm me your address!