Giving Away plants

Hi im giving away these plants bcs they simply just dont spark joy for me anymore the are all medium sized and i would love to give them a new home.

Il give away the plants for free but uld have to pay for shipping.
I am located in austria just tell me ur country and id give the aproximate shipping price.
The plants: Rattlesnake Plant/ Pilea Pepperomiodes/ Monstera adinsonii


I would love that monstera and pilea <3
Could you tell me the shipping to Czech Republic? :slight_smile:

the price for the czech republic would be 13€ and take abt 2-4 days


I would also love you adopt your Pilea And monstera if they are not already taken?
I’m based in the U.K.


to the uk the shipping is 14€ if the previous person doesnt get back to me till friday ill give em to u

That’s amazing! I look forward to hearing from you! JOx

More than one month has passed since your post, but I wonder if you still have the Rattlesnake.
If so, can you tell me how much would cost to send it to Switzerland?

yes hi it is still available and with tracking its like 13€

Cool. So I would adopt it. How do I give you my info?

Hi! Do you still have the monstera? What´s the price for shipping to Spain?

Than you!