Giving Away plants

Hi im giving away these plants bcs they simply just dont spark joy for me anymore the are all medium sized and i would love to give them a new home.

Il give away the plants for free but uld have to pay for shipping.
I am located in austria just tell me ur country and id give the aproximate shipping price.
The plants: Rattlesnake Plant/ Pilea Pepperomiodes/ Monstera adinsonii


I would love that monstera and pilea <3
Could you tell me the shipping to Czech Republic? :slight_smile:

the price for the czech republic would be 13€ and take abt 2-4 days


I would also love you adopt your Pilea And monstera if they are not already taken?
I’m based in the U.K.


to the uk the shipping is 14€ if the previous person doesnt get back to me till friday ill give em to u

That’s amazing! I look forward to hearing from you! JOx