Getting started, wanna trade? :)

Hello, I’m only just getting into house plants. All I have to trade is golden pothos and philodendron. I also have a million succulent babies (actually only 55) taking root that I can trade. What I’m after is rubber trees and monstera. I know those are hot commodities and I would be super exited to make any sort of trade, just love expanding my collection.

Edit: I also have string of pearls to trade.

Hi I would be interested! What kinda of philodendron do you have?

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I have a Neon Philo. What sort of trades would you be interested in?

Hello! I’d love to try a SOP! I have several pothos, snakes plant, spider plant, peperomia, and a few others. I can take pictures if you’d like. I am in AZ. I have traded once before and am excited to swap again! :blush:

Have you got a rubber tree plant or a monstera yet. I have a traditional rubber tree plant ready to send. I have a massive monstera if you give me some time I can cut and propagate you some. Also I have a burgandy rubber tree plant as well just have to propagate it as well. Let me know if you’re interested. :grin::smile:

I would love some rubber plant! I have several house plants

Chinese evergreen
Pothos- a few kinds
Wandering Jew- a couple kinds

And several cactus, succulents and outdoor plants.