For Swap: Begonia Maculata Wightii

Hey friends,
I have a few nice sized Begonia Maculata Wightii I’d love to swap.
Ideal swaps include (for some of the quite fancy ones I could do multiple begonias!)
4-6 inch pot monstera adonsonii
varigated string of hearts
Monstera siltepecana variegated
Monstera Standleyana
P pedatum
4-6 inch pot trailing jade pothos
Epipremnum pinnatum var.
Epipremnum amplissimum Silver
Scindapsus treubii ‘Nearly Black’
P. sodiroi
P. Burle Marx Fantasy
P. bllieitae
P. gigas
P rubrocinctum
Jade Satin Pothos

Hi, I know it’s been months since you posted this, but I’m wondering if you still have any begonias to trade?

These are some examples of what I have to offer

Wide form adansonii(rooted and/or cutting)
Cebu cuttings(rooted)
Variegated SOH (rooted)
Rhipsalis baccifera

I’m on Insta @vikizplants in case youre on there too, for faster replies.

Hi, do you still have these cebu blue cuttings? I could buy)