Fingers crossed for some wish list plants

It’s a long shot, but I’m hoping to get my hands on some of my wish list plants.
Wanting: raphidophora tetrasperma
Pink princess philodendron
Verigated monstera
Whale fin sansevieria
Bantells sensation sansevieria
Ric rac/zig zag cactus
String of turtles
Aglaonemu pictum tricolor
Hoya kerri
If you have anything else that may be of interest, I’d love to know.
Cuttings I have for trade (I can root them before swapping if you prefer)
Wandering jew in both purple and pink/lilac
Pilea peperomiodes
String of Pearl’s
String of hearts
Monstera obliqua
Small fiddle leaf fig
Very tiny echeveria lauii freshly propogated
Miniature ivy (leaves the size of my pinky nail)
I would also be willing to buy any of my wish list plants you might have to offer.
If interested, IG @jennyfurlea or email
Thank you!