Europe Category Gone?


Is it just me, or is the Europe category missing?


Not for me? Maybe try logging out and back in :woman_shrugging: I’ll tag you in on a Europe thread :+1: hopefully that might work


I logged in and back out, but still can’t see Europe on the homepage. I can see the post you’ve tagged me in, and if I’m not logged in and in an incognito browser, I can see the Europe category. But it’s gone when I log back in!

I’ll have to access it via a workaround (going to your post then clicking Europe at the top) for now. Hopefully it resolves by the spring when it warms up to trade again!


Thanks so much for the help!


Dont worry! Hopefully the glitch will sort itself in time and you can get back to plant swapping :blush:


Is it better for you now?