Cuttings and small plants available for trade

Plants I have to trade:

  • ZZ Plant- 4”
  • Sanseviera Cylindrica Starfish- 3”
  • Sanseviera hahnii Golden potted pups
  • Dracena Lemon Lime- 4”
  • Peperomia Obtusifolia- 4”
  • Cebu Blue Pothos cuttings
  • Philodendron Brasil cuttings
  • Purple Tradescantia zebrina cuttings - rooted

Plants I am looking for (cuttings are fine!):

  • Begonia maculata wightii
  • variegated String of Hearts
  • String of Hearts “silver glory”
  • Hoya australis variegated

If you are interested, please reach out! I can’t find the above plants in my area!


Did you the begonia?


I meant did you *find the begonia. Haha whoops.

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Not yet! What do you want to trade?

The starfish sansevieria or the zz plant would be awesome. I also have 3 inch pot pups of the begonias. Are you interested at all in spider plants, birds nest sansevieria (I see you already have the golden) or Sansevieria zeylanica?
I also have shefflera but they haven’t rooted yet as I started them 2 days ago…

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I would be super happy to trade my ZZ or my Starfish plant for a Begonia :heartpulse: I’m more than happy to send you pictures of those two plants and you can decide if that’s a good trade! How does that sound?

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Take your pick of the above ZZ or Starfish Sanseviera :blush: your begonia is gorgeous and I’m super down to trade :raised_hands:t2:

The starfish would be great! Its beatiful. Thanks! Do we email addresses then or how does that work?

I’ve never used this site for a swap so I am not sure. But email me and we can swap :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Are you looking to trade?

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What kind of spider plant do you have?