Cutting swaps anyone?

Hello, I’m in the UK and looking to increase my small collection of house plants, which I’m beginning to become obsessed with :blush:.

I’m interested in lots of plants and mainly want to increase my knowledge of how to grow them, so willing to swap for most things, but in particular a few have caught my eye:
Watermelon peperomia
String of turtles
String of pearls
Hoya happy leaf
Monstera (especially the albo variety :heart_eyes:)
Bunny ears cactus
Oxalis triangularis (esp. the purple variety)

At the moment I have the following I can take cuttings from or divide:
A tradescantia (punky/purple underneath and grows vigorously)
Begonia (with large dark green leaves and red veins and underside of leaves)
Pilea peperomiodes with one baby attached at the moment but normally produces several in late spring/early summer)
An aspidistra
A variegated spider plant (no babies currently but I’m sure they’ll come next year).
Rubber plant
Fatsia japonica
Aloe Vera (lots of pups)
Asparagus fern
peace Lilly
A couple of succulents - I’m unsure as to the variety.

Happy to send pics of plants if interested. I’ll need to take cuttings and happy to send fresh or root here then send.


Hey, I have a watermelon peperomia, tons of succulents and some more plants.
I would love to see some pictures of your succulents please! I’m interested in your Pilea peperomiodes.

Hi Daisy,
I’ve two teeny pileas at the moment. One from the stem of the other which is yet to grow roots and one which grew under the soil and has a good stem and some roots. I’ve included pictures. They don’t do justice to how adorable they are at the moment!

I have a kalanchoe cutting which has rooted in water and I think the flowers will be deep pink (it was a cutting from my grandparents’ plant so I can’t quite remember).

I also have an unknown succulent which was very leggy so I cut the stem off and am seeing if the leaves will produce anything. If you know what this is I’d love to know!

This is what the parent stem looks like

Happy to trade for succulent leaves or other if you’re interested in any of these! :blush: