Creation of UK category? (Due to new customs rules)

Hi there. I’m based in Ireland and after a couple unsuccessful swaps I realised that there were stricter restrictions for plants coming in and out of the UK (within Europe). I don’t know if others have experienced similar problems but I thought it may be useful to be warned: plants or seeds are scanned and thrown away by UK customs. It would now post Brexit would make sense to have a UK and a Europe category. It’s very sad news for swappers. Cheers

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I had a package arrive just last week from Austria without any problems. London based☺️

Good to know its not everybody. Im waiting on a packet from Uk. Lets see if i get it👍

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I hope you get it soon! Especially with this weather :persevere::crossed_fingers:

Third pack I dont receive from Uk… Lesson learned.

I’m sorry to hear that, @MariL. I’ve completed a couple of trades recently within the EU with no issue. The changes in the plant passport law mean it’s a bit of a risk now since every plant must have one. I don’t write ‘fragile’ or ‘live plant’ on the packaging, which might help.

I guess we all have to be aware that if we agree to post within the EU without a plant passport, it might not make it through the system and we might not receive ours either.

HI sophie, I wasnt aware of the plant passport rule, so the first time i wrote live plant, the second time nothing. Nothing made it through the channel. Thats 5 out of 5 packets sent between ireland and uk lost. Meanwhile, i received a suspicious plant packet from portugal. Anyway i thought it might be helpful to warn people about the risks.

Thanks for the request. There is now a UK specific category.

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That’s really disappointing and I’m sorry to hear you’ve missed out on a few trades because of it. Perhaps this is going to become a more common experience for a lot of us.

Hopefully the new UK-only board will be useful! Thanks @v60fan for arranging that!

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