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I’ve never seen a Pilea cadierei in person but the pictures are so cute! I like silver plants.

I don’t have any of the plants you want, though. Not sure if I have anything that would interest you, but let me know if you’re interested in any of the plants on my post or that I’ve posted on instagram. :slight_smile:

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Hey, it’s you! Just saw your username :grin:

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I’ve got a beautiful silver philodendron baby, can offer rooted cuttings from neon pothos, pearls and jade, golden, and marble queen pothos. I also have a weird gorgeous airoid that I’m not sure the name of (super bushy with green oblong leaves.)

Hello there! I already have all the pothos and the silver phil. Can you send a pic of the aroid you have?

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I think it may be a “Philodendron Burle Marx”
It grows non stop for me and has been pretty easy to take care of! I’ll take some cuttings and put them in water, I’m sure they’ll put out water roots from the long air roots they have!

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I just love the figure of this plant and the roots that come down.


It’s really beautiful! I don’t have that one yet and I love philodendrons!
Sorry for my delay in responding; I’m having a heck of a time navigating anything to do with on my phone for some reason!
Anyway, what did you see of mine that you liked??

It’s okay, no rush! I’m interested in the birds nest fern, actually! But I’d love to hear about your philodendrons (; I JUST took a cutting of it. I couldn’t find any “how-tos” online so I just snipped a piece with an air root on it and stuck it in some water.

I’d love to find the birds nest fern a new home. It’s got great potential but just isn’t happy here, unfortunately. I just don’t think I can give it enough humidity or something.
I have 3 small philodendrons not really big enough for cutting yet (micans, brasil, heartleaf). and a big selloum, that for the life of me I can’t figure out how to propagate. Every article I’ve read so far talks about nodes and air roots, but mine doesn’t have either of those! So I need to do more research!

I just took this pic of my birds nest today

Tilly, I’d take any of these cuttings. Looking for neon pothos and string of pearls. I have only Arrowhead and anthurium to trade as I have recently given away my cuttings. Also, I can’t figure out how to navigate this on my phone. So I’m not sure if I’m doing this right

Hi! I’ve been looking all over for a Burle Marx cutting… would you consider trading with me in the spring? I have plenty of plants that I can start rooting for you.

I really can’t keep up with this site, but I would! You should add me on Instagram if you have one and we can talk there, or perhaps Facebook messenger? My instagram is @foxifoliage … if you’re from this thread and you’d like Burle Marx cuttings, we can arrange something for spring (: I want him to grow a bit more before I start chopping him up.

Did you find a new home for your bird’s nest fern? I’d love to take her.