Calathea Ornata Help please!


I’ve recently purchased a beautiful Calathea Ornata and the leaves have started going brown and curling in! I’ve looked on the internet and it suggests it’s humidity and to cut the brown bits off and place it on a humidity tray but it’s still happening :frowning:

Does anyone have any ideas??

Thank you!

It’s usually from humidity what kind of light is it receiving ? Make sure it’s not in too direct light although mine takes it

Water well then bring to dry before watering again. I would also suggest misting it every day and keep it on a tray or double pot it with rocks and water under it but not sitting in water they need humidity

Thank you! It’s sat next to a window but on the floor, so it’s getting good light but no sunlight (when the suns out).

I think i’m on point with the watering, so it must be the humidity! It’s in my living room, so it’s a warm room and is on a tray of pebbles with water under it, but i’ll increase misting to twice a day (morning and when I get home from work). I’ll take a photo when I get home as to where it is… maybe the light is too strong?