Best way to root Hoya linearis cuttings

I have just received some Hoya linearis cuttings but I’m struggling to find any useful information on the best method for rooting them. Would really appreciate some advice to enable successful growing

Many thanks


I found this, not sure how helpful it will be. :slight_smile:

Hi jules,
i rooted my Hoya linearis in water just a few days ago and it was very easy.
Best of luck

Many thanks for that. Fingers crossed

Thanks Aisha. How long were they in water before you saw new roots forming and did you keep them somewhere bright or shady?


Hi jules,
i started to see them rooting in the first week.
i put them in a big plastic clear box with some holes on the lid( kind of mini green house)in bright spot but no direct sunlight.

here you can see some pics
these are around 3 weeks old roots.
hope this will help😊!15609749108554542875428990104613 1560974821530474482163469542194|375x500

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Thank you so much. I’m going to try both water and pot method then I will know for future reference which gives best results :crossed_fingers:

actually i did not used the lid because i could not close it, instead i used a clear bin bag with some holes in it. Uploading: 15609750358705098450872451850290.jpg…]() 15609753662667575933141770807404

Best of Luck…:blush::blush::blush::blush:

@Junglia I hope all works our well. :slight_smile: