Begonias, philodendrons and monsteras - oh my!

UPDATE: begonia are gone! Current list below:

Up for trade, I have:

  • monstera adonsonii cutting
  • monstera deliciosa juvenile, rooted
  • philodendron prince of orange, small plant (it’s just not doing well with me so maybe someone else can help it!)
  • strawberry begonia rooted plantlets
  • sensitive plant (mimosa pudica) seeds

I am willing to consider all trades so let me know what you have! I’m particularly interested in varieties of Hoya (even though they hate me), other varieties of begonia, etc. I’m not a huge succulent fan but, I can be convinced. :blush:

I can be found on Instagram @plantandpotter or contacted through here. Looking forward to making some plant swaps!

Hello, I’d be interested in your begonia maculata & special angel cuttings. I’ve got cebu blue and some other begonias I’d be happy to trade if you’re interested. My instagram is @leafedcoast, send me a message!

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