Beautiful Monkey Jar plant cutting!

My favourite of my plant collection, my beautiful Monkey Jar/ Pitcher Plant, has gotten surprisingly big in the last month or so and I think it’s time for a trim which means cuttings :heart_eyes:

The only two plants on my wish list is pink princess philodendron or Hoya Kerri but I know this is a big ask, so open to any sort of offers of rare or unusual plants.

Below are some pitchers of my pitcher plant x

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I’d love a pitcher plant. Any interest in a Congo cockatoo? No worries if not. Thanks.

Hey sorry for the late reply ! I’d like a Congo cockatoo but I’ve already had a few of them, do you have any other plants you’d be willing to swap? If not I’m happy with the Congo :slight_smile: x

Wow, what a beautiful nepanthes. I have the same plant but it didn’t do so well! The foliage is bouncing back but I pruned the pitchers off as they were dying. Do you have any advise for getting the pitchers to grow back please?

Thanks so much ! Mine went into some pretty bad shock when I first got it and all the pitchers dried up. I cut back all my pitchers up to the leaf, then I give it a deep water once a week, sometimes more if it feels dry, where I water it until it runs out the bottom of the pot (I do this over my bath as it goes everywhere!) This is only if your pot has drainage holes, if not I’d recommend repotting it to one that does as long as the leaves look healthy / plant is settled. I also only water it with distilled water as a lot of carnivorous plants struggle with tap water. To do this I just boil the kettle, leave the water till it’s completely cold then keep it in a water bottle for the next watering.

Sorry for the paragraph, hope this helps !

This is so helpful thank you! It’s reassuring to know the pitchers should grow back! I will have to start boiling my water because I am being lazy at the moment and just using the tap which I know isn’t right for this plant. Hopefully one day mine will be as lush and healthy as you’re :blush::heart_eyes: