Anyone with a large collection looking to thin out for winter?

Hi guys,
If anyone is trying to cut down on their houseplants, I’d love to pay for you to ship some to me! I recently turned 20 and am dying for new plants for my birthday but I live in an apartment. I’d basically like to pay for a big box of different houseplant cuttings if anyone is interested in this! Thanks :slight_smile:


What are you looking for?

Nothing super specific but maybe Hoya, any cactus, philodendrons, peperomia, ferns, ficus rubber tree or any ficus really, maybe sansaveria, any monstera, or anything cool that you are willing to share :slight_smile:

I have silver pothos, cushion bush, pink & green chinese evergreen, pink fittonia, moon valley friendship plant, gold dust croton, wandering jew, english ivy (white & green), spider plant. I’m currently growing a cutting of a monstera deliciosa, when it get big enough I don’t mind sending you a cutting! I have a few succulents that I’ve propagated too, they are just growing babies now.

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Hello :wave:t3:

I have a ton of succulent cuttings I’d love to share with you if you’re interested. I have over 40 types that are ready to be shipped! I also have various houseplants to share too, including arrowhead plant, Dragon’s tongue, Purple Passion, Red Aglaonema, and Red Prayer Plant.

Message me if you’re interested :two_hearts:

Thanks, Abbie

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That sounds awesome I don’t have most of those! I will pm you

I have a few ZZ Plants available

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You’ll need phyto certificates to ship to the USA!

Oh, sorry I didn’t realise :sob: