Anyone want to swap?

Hello everyone! I have a few plants I’m wanting to swap cuttings with.
I have a rooted rhaphidophora tetrasperma that I’m willing to trade for a pink princess or variegated monstera.
I have
Neon pothos
Cebu blue
H.kerrii variegated
Philodendron brasil
Philodendron neon
H.carnosa (princess)
Baby sansevierias
Silver satin pothos

I’m looking for aroids, hoyas, philodendrons.
Just let me know :slight_smile:
My IG is @dianasjungle :black_heart:

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Hi there! :wave:t2:

I have been after a Hoya Curtisii for so long! I have quite a few different types of hoyas and tons of succulents! Message me on here or Insta if you’re interested and we can work something out :blush:


Abbie @Minnesota_succulents

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Hi I’ve got variegated monstera and pink princess could I swap for Cebu blue?

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@Sophandluna Hi I’ll love to! Can you dm please? Instagram name is @dianasjungle

I have a rooted cuttinoof tetrasperma is love to trade for your pink philodendron

I’ve got a 2" pot of well rooted philodendron micans that I’d love to swap for a whale fin or black coral sansevieria pup if you have either of those?

hey im interested in your pink princess and variegated monstera! check out my list of plant babies on my instagram page @stay.rooted_ and dm me if there’s anything you want to trade!

I have Hoya Curtisii if you’re still looking for that.

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Thank you for letting me know! I have actually acquired a large pot of them but if you have any care tips, I’d appreciate it!

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I have a whale fin sans I would trade you really want a pink princess