Anyone up for a swap?

Hi guys!
I have two of these little ones (will add photo because I’m unsure of the name. Maybe lipstick plant?) Both with roots to swap & also have a Tradescantia Zebrina cutting with roots to swap also. Up for any kind of plant really apart from succulents (can’t keep them alive😩) image image

Hi I’m in the uk I would love to swap if your in uk too

Hey Gemma! yes, I’m in the UK. What do you have to swap?:blush:

I would be happy to swap for something, I made a post recently if you want to look at that and pm me if there is anything you would like to swap for? x

I have spider plants both just green or variegated ,pepperomia hope ,tradescantia zebrina or cuttings off the following , pothos normal,Brazil or heartleaf philodendron,tradescantia white and cream ,string of hearts ,true Christmas cactus pink ,maranta rabbits foot , maranta tri colour ,Hoya tri colour ,marble queen pothos

I would love to swap I’ve put a list on post

Hi there!
Do you still have some of these to swap?
I have a few offers…image
Hoya linearis rooted plant

I would love to make a trade on those…

What are you looking for?